We, Hueintek Inc., manufacture a wide range of products in sound absorption and insulation. We have been committed to focus on saving energy and clean environment since 2003. We keep developing innovative, high-quality acoustic products to meet customers’ needs.


With our aim of “Environment Innovation”, we invented and launched  T-MAX® sound absorption and insulation made from 100% recyclable polyester which are designed to reduce noise and reverberated sound. It reduces and controls reverberated noise in shared environments, making it ideal for use in a variety of commercial interior spaces including workplace, education and hospitality environments. T-MAX® is the high-quality and high-performance choice. It is durable yet flexible, easy to cut, easy to install and lightweight.

Acoustic Awareness

People ultimately want to feel comfortable in their environments, no matter whether they’re in a professional auditory space, the workplace, in a learning environment, having dinner with friends at a restaurant or spending time at home. Controlling unwanted sounds is a crucial factor in creating comfortable and productive environments.

Environmental Awareness

T-MAX® is dedicated to the environment. Aside from saving tones of plastic waste from our oceans and landfill, the PET is converted into T-MAX® which is still 100% recyclable. It represents eco-innovation in the truest sense: its highly recyclable nature and use of post-consumer waste sourced from recycled PET bottles to create a superior material, means that T-MAX® is a prime product of up-cycling.