Section 01

Identification of the Material and Supplier

Product Name : T-MAX Acoustic Insulation and panel


Product description : Non-woven and/or thermally bonded and laminated 100% polyester fiber panel products.

Product Range : 100% polyester fiber product of varying densities and thicknesses used as an acoustic fabric wall covering, wall or ceiling panel or tile and/or component in furniture manufacture.

Recommended Use: Thermal and Acoustic insulation. Used in Homes, commercial buildings, automotive, industrial, white goods, transport

Supplier : Hueintek Inc.
621-18, Noha-Ri, Paltan-Myeon, Hwaseong,
Gyeonggi-Do, Korea, 445-913
Tel : +82-2-3448-5522
Fax: +82-2-3448-5311

Section 02

Hazards Identification

Statement of Hazardous nature : Classified as Non-Hazardous according to OHSA29CFR1910.1200. The product described here in is an “article” or is otherwise from OSHA regulations requiring a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Section 03

Composition/ Information on Ingredients

Chemical Name : Polyester

CAS number : 25038-59-9

Proportion: 100%

Section 04

First Aid Information

Swallowed : If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water.

Skin: Bruch off

Inhaled: Fibers are not of respirable size

Eye : If the product comes into contact with the eye, immediately hole the eye open and wash with fresh water. If pain persists seek medical advice.

Section 05

Fire Fighting Measures

Slight fire hazard when exposed to flame. Combustion products include Carbon

Monoxide: material will shrink away from flame and may drip.

Fire fighting Procedures: Alert fire brigade of location and nature of fire

Extinguishing Media: Water spray or fog, foam, dry chemical

Section 06

Accidental Release Measures

Product should be re-contained in existing or new bags, No precautions necessary.

Section 07

Handling and Storage

Handling: No precautions necessary

Incompatibilities: Segregate from strong oxidizers

Packaging as recommended by the manufacturer. Top Stow and keep clean and dry. Do not squash or bend product or packaging.

Section 08

Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

No controls or Precautions necessary

There are no known health hazards relating to the handling, use or exposure to thermally bonded polyester insulation materials manufactured by Hueintek. No protective clothing is required when handling T-MAX products

Section 09

Physical and Chemical properties – N/A = Not applicable

Appearance : A mat of white or colored fibrous material supplied in Batt or roll form in various thicknesses, and densities. May be faced with a variety of materials including foils.

Odour: None
pH: 7.8 Boiling Point : N/A
Melting point : 230℃~250℃
Vapour Pressure : N/A
Specific Gravity: 1.38
Solubility in Water: N/A
Evap Rate: Not N/A
Vapour Density: N/A
Volatiles: 0.1%
Flash Point: N/A
Decomposition Temp: 250℃
Lower/Upper Exposure Limits: N/A
Dangerous Goods Class: N/A
Subsidiary Risk: N/A
Hazchem Code: N/A
Poisons Schedule No: N/A

Section 10

Stability and Reactivity

Segregate from strong oxidizers

Section 11

Toxicological Information

Product is Nontoxic by any route: May provide mild mechanical irritant to eyes

Section 12

Ecological Information

Product does not contain any Ozone depleting chemicals, Not classified as a hazardous air pollutant.

T-MAX products are recyclable and use a high content of already recycled polyester fiber in their manufacture. T-MAX polyester products are thermally bonded ( heat) and do not contain formaldehyde based binders common to glass-wool insulation materials. T-MAX polyester products are non-carcinogenic and fibers will not become a potential airborne pollutant.

All T-MAX products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control systems, and Hueintex’s Zero Waste Policy.

May be fully recycled

Section 13

Disposal Considerations

May be fully recycled and full Product stewarships programs available. Any wastes should be disposed of in
accordance with local authority guidelines. Not classified as hazardous waste.

Section 14

Transportation Information

No special guidelines, No classifications, Not a dangerous good

Section 15

Regulatory Guidelines

None allocated

Section 16

Other Information

T-MAX Acoustic Insulations are manufactured in Korea by Hueintek Inc an ISO9001 qualify and ISO14001
environmental certified company. Hueintek retains the right to change products and specifications without
prior notice. If a specification is critical to end use situation please discuss your requirements with your Hueintek
representative. T-MAX products are registered trademarks of Hueintek Inc.